Turtle Transformation is a global role model for authentic leadership, empowering individuals to embrace their unique strengths, cultivate inclusivity, and inspire positive change. We envision a world where our transformative programs nurture leaders who lead with integrity, resilience, and compassion, leaving a lasting impact on organizations, communities and families.

Join us in exploring the dynamic world of leadership! While leadership is often associated with the corporate realm, its influence extends far beyond business settings. Whether you're a parent, a sports coach, a teacher, or simply guiding yourself, you too can embrace the role of a leader.


At Turtle Transformation, we believe that it is possible to find a solution for all your problems inside of you. To arrive there, we as Turtle Transformation Coaches train daily to deeply connect with ourselves and by this deepen the connection between us and everything.

We see inner training as part of our life. We never lose sight of the fact that your motivation for inner growth stems from our very life itself. Our programs are expertly crafted to maximize results while minimizing the time commitment. Say goodbye to hours of meditation and self-reflection – it's all about savoring the beauty of life and relishing every moment.

We enjoy doing this inner work. As with all training, there are days when it is hard and a lot more days when it is great, and after every training we feel better. The techniques we use come from a broad variety of methods since everybody of us is a unique human being and as this needs different approaches. Some of the methods might be known to you and some new like Life Trust Coaching, Unbeatable Mind, Internal Family Systems, The Keys to the Heart Method, Energy Medicine Yoga.

As Turtle Transformation Coaches, we also never stop learning, since we believe that the way of living an authentic life from the inside out is a lifelong journey.

Authentic leadership is a lifelong journey, and Miriam and Markus are dedicated voyagers on this transformative journey as well.

Miriam's search for optimal solutions led her to reject unsatisfactory answers in traditional education. Markus, growing up in a conventional system, felt something was missing. Through Miriam's PhD scholarship, they delved into the depths of human nature, transforming their lives, and her insights redirected Markus's career. Markus's integration of empathy and authenticity yielded successful teams, delivering on time with minimal errors and self-managed quality. This experience and success led them to establish "Turtle Transformation - The Authentic Leader Academy”. Their proven and developed process fosters personal responsibility, authentic connections, and efficiency. The company is dedicated to guiding others towards efficiency and excellence while addressing hidden human barriers. 

We start, where others stop.

We see the human in every leadership role. Therefore, we develop leaders, not mangers.

  • Authenticity & Transparency

  • Excellence & High Quality

  • Growth & Development

  • Impact & Sustainability

These values serve as our guiding principles, shaping our programs, services, and relationships. They reflect our commitment to delivering authentic, transformative, and value-driven education and support to individuals seeking to make a meaningful impact in the business world.

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