The Turtle

The journey of Miriam and Markus has been marked by a history of successful endeavors and a shared passion for process optimization, efficiency, and clarity.

The Journey to Turtle Transformation

The story begins in 2008 when they teamed up to introduce a cutting-edge content management system for the medical faculty of LMU Munich, comprising 120 websites. It was during this project that they recognized their collective strengths in streamlining processes and fostering operational excellence.

Inspired by conversations with friends in 2019, the idea emerged to orchestrate seminars aimed at families seeking greater ease in their lives and the realization of their life dreams. Their mission centered on identifying the unique needs of each family, giving rise to the "Family Transformation" initiative.

Simultaneously, as Markus continued to advance in his career, they both realized that the environment they had cultivated within his teams, characterized by seamless collaboration and Miriam's coaching expertise, led to heightened efficiency, human-centric workflows, and exceptional success. This realization prompted them to share their wealth of knowledge and experiences with a broader audience, including individuals and organizations. Thus, the "New Work Transformation" project was conceived.

The year 2020 and its subsequent follow-up, 2021, were marked by the profound impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and provided ample time for introspection. During this period, it became increasingly evident that the success of both the "Family Transformation" and "New Work Transformation" projects was intrinsically linked to their "Change from the Inside to the Outside" approach, emphasizing personal growth and inner transformation as foundational elements. It was against this backdrop that we established our own consulting and coaching company in 2021, named "Turtle Transformation Limited".

Our work with clients has underscored a pivotal truth: authentic leadership hinges on self-reflection and self-awareness. That's why we've created "The Authentic Leader Academy" at Turtle Transformation. It's a program dedicated to guiding leaders to embrace their true selves and lead with unwavering integrity.

Today, through our transformative approach and academy, leaders not only enhance personal growth but also foster resilience and efficiency, and driving business growth. Turtle Transformation is a global role model for authentic leadership, empowering individuals to embrace their unique strengths, cultivate inclusivity, and inspire positive change.

Experience the power of authenticity with us, as you become a catalyst for positive change in your business, community, and family.

The Name "Turtle Transformation"

The turtle, a timeless and versatile creature, inhabits both land and sea, embodying qualities of steadfastness and wisdom earned through the ages. As a symbol of strength and resilience, the turtle serves as a powerful totem animal, representing qualities such as grounding, patience, and a deep-rooted sense of trust.

Within the essence of the turtle lies numerous attributes and skills that align perfectly with our journey of Turtle Transformation:

Lives in the tank

The turtle lives in a tank and uses it to protect itself from enemies, to protect and withdraw in case of stress. In our "from the inside to the outside" process we also go back to our inside and feel, then look what is outside and only then do we reflect and change.

Back to the origin

Most species of turtles lay their eggs where they were born. In our "inside out" process, we also return always back to step 1 and start again or iteratively to change.

Excellent senses and feelings

Turtles have excellent orientation, smell, and sight. We humans also have a highly developed sensory perception. This allows us to perceive sensory impressions (including feelings and emotions), often finer than we are aware of.


Most turtles move very slowly. Mostly they just walk 20 to 50 centimeters in an hour. Change is a process that sometimes moves very slowly and needs a lot of patience.

For thousands of years

Turtles have been shown to have existed on earth for over 200 million years. Constant change is also an essential part of our earth and human development. Awareness that change is a natural part of life facilitates any transformative process.

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