The Founders

Using all their knowledge and experience, Miriam and Markus Schmidberger founded their own company called “Turtle Transformation Limited” with the vision to set up "The Authentic Leader Academy" that educates and further educates humans with interest in humanity and leadership. With their method kit, they lead companies to efficiency and excellence. In addition, they are experts in uncovering the hidden changes and human barriers that prevent them from using their tools and methods in the best possible way.


Join me on this transformative journey toward leadership excellence and greater success.

I grew up as the eldest child in a large Bavarian family of six and have the classic educational path through high school, training to become a certified Tourism expert, studied computer science and started and not finished a doctorate.

My driving force is the vision of a “family as a cooperative community” in which everyone lives together voluntarily, and it is comfortable for everyone. In addition, there is the dream that as a mother of several children I have my own life (e.g. my own job, my own travels, …) and this part of me also gets space.

I see my greatest challenge in finding this balance. Together with Markus, I had to realize that this only works if you actually pull together or if I have absolute clarity. Since we just didn’t have either of the two, I stopped working in 2014.

By then, I’ve also found professionally that the question “how do people work” is the one to explore in order to have high-performing teams that achieve their goals successfully and happily. My specialty was the collaboration between teams and management in software development. The decisive factor here is not the perfect method, but human interaction and how people treat each other. A software team needs the ability to recognize interpersonal issues and, if necessary, to use stabilizing measures. The ability can be distributed across the team or in the form of a person.

In 2020, I returned to business, and today, I specialize as a leadership coach. My mission is to help individuals discover their inner clarity for enhanced success. I guide clients in mastering this essential skill, equipping them to make strategic decisions, solve challenges, and achieve their professional goals.

In view of my own life, I have discovered similar patterns around human interaction and treating each other. There is no one method that is right for every family. Each method has its own contribution to our lives. A family as a cooperative community and space for every family member is my vision. My family and I are learning and on the way there.

Greator Keynote Speaker
AQai Certification

My areas of expertise are:

  • Clarity and vision for leaders and teams

  • Change processes in difficult times (preferably before the difficult times)

  • Find & go your own way

  • Emotions and shadow work

  • Children are your mirror & life without penalties

  • New life models for families

  • Building high-performing teams

My sources of inspiration (among others):

  • Mark Divine

  • Safi Nidiaye

  • Dr. Shefali

  • Brad Blanton

  • Alfie Kohn

  • Mike Hellwig

  • Klara McLaren

  • Nicola Schmidt

  • Bessel van der Kolk

My trainings:

Snowboard instructor, yoga instructor, Unbeatable Mind Coaching, kinesiology 3in1 (1 & 2), archetype work with Simone Frese, body-centered heart work, Scrum Master, Certified Cloud Professional, non-violent communication in the family, KOMKOM - Communication in marriage.


Join me on a journey of discovery and empowerment, as we navigate the intricate landscape of balanced family living and progressive, people-focused workplaces.

My journey has been one of constant growth and evolution. I come from a small Bavarian family, excelling in the traditional educational path, culminating in a doctorate in mathematics. Subsequently, I ventured into the corporate arena, advising international firms on all facets of cloud and data strategy. During this period, I managed data teams with teams of up to 60 employees from 2016 to 2022.

In 2002, my life took a transformative turn when I met Miriam. Our journey together, marked by our 2007 wedding, became a profound voyage of self-discovery:

- I learned the art of effective argumentation, a skill previously uncharted.

- I gained insights into recognizing and managing anger and aggression.

- I delved into the rich tapestry of human emotions, discovering their depth and nuances.

In 2009, our first son entered our lives, followed by our second son in 2011, catapulting us from being a couple to embracing the role of parents. This transition, combined with my ongoing self-exploration, presented unique challenges and led me to part-time work (80%). Despite this shift, I continued my career trajectory, ultimately balancing a thriving career with the joy of raising four children.

Throughout this journey, the connection with Miriam remained an anchor, providing me with profound enrichment. In 2014, fueled by this positive transformation, I veered away from conventional therapy and embarked on a diverse exploration through alternative therapies and seminars. My pursuit encompassed areas such as family constellations, radical permission seminars, radical honesty seminars, nonviolent communication seminars, self-compassion workshops, and body-based heart work. These experiences enriched my consciousness, fostering authenticity and self-responsibility.

My inherent strength lies in my unwavering willingness to embrace new horizons. A profound yearning for equilibrium in my relationships with myself, Miriam, my children, and my work serves as my inner compass. Over the past 15 years, I have encountered numerous hurdles, each of which has contributed to my growth. Today, I am driven to share my experiences with those eager to explore the myriad possibilities for nurturing more efficient, human-centric work environments.

Life Trust Coaching
AQai Certification

My areas of expertise are:

  • Human-centric and outcome oriented leadership

  • Cloud and Big Data Technologies & Strategies

  • Management of software development departments

  • Building efficient organizational structures and platforms

  • Clarity and efficiency for leaders, parents and men

  • Clarity and vision for men of the new age

  • Life without school / Un-schooling

  • Emigrate from Germany & live stateless

  • New life models for families

My sources of inspiration (among others):

  • Jaspaar Juul

  • Veit Lindau

  • Mike Hellwig

  • Safi Nidiaye

  • Werner Vogles

My trainings:

DSV snowboard instructor, scrum master, AWS professional solution architect, family constellations, radical permission, radical honesty, non-violent communication, self-compassion, body-centered heart work, mindfulness training, KOMKOM - communication in marriage, Life Trust Coach certified Veit Lindau.

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