Authentic Lead Development

Leadership revolves around your unique personality. To excel in leadership, it's crucial to consciously shape your leadership role and engage in self-reflection. This involves examining your individual perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and communication style.

Our coaching journey begins with you and your personality. Once you gain clarity about your inner vision, emotions, and beliefs, we then explore the external factors and initiate reflection and change. In our leadership coaching, we dive deep into several critical areas that directly impact you. This encompasses your personal growth, building strong C-level relationships, nurturing key employees, optimizing organizational structures and strategies, navigating dynamic decision-making, overseeing transformation processes, and facilitating cultural shifts.

What sets us apart is our holistic approach, where we consider the integration of all these elements to provide you with a comprehensive perspective on your leadership journey.

In leadership development, it's all about you and your growth

Have you run out of ideas?

  • Proven team management methods don't work in your team?

  • Your employees aren't using the support tools successfully?

  • The process optimization hasn't brought the promised results?

  • Your team is unmotivated and lacks enthusiasm?

  • Your team is not working efficiently together?

  • Employees are leaving before you've had the chance to make an impact?

  • Your employees never seem to be satisfied with their salary increase?

Leadership coaching with an external coach is your ticket to unlocking your full potential. It provides you with the chance to concentrate on your work and accomplish tasks with excellence, all while maintaining your peace of mind. Here's how it can benefit you:

  • Gain Clarity: You'll achieve crystal-clear clarity in every facet of your business and life. It's the support you've been seeking to efficiently reach your personal and professional goals.

  • Master Professional Challenges: Learn to navigate challenging professional situations with finesse. You'll discover resourceful ways to respond effectively, enhancing your overall performance.

  • Conflict Resolution: Strengthen your conflict resolution and negotiation skills. You'll be better equipped to handle conflicts and turn them into opportunities for positive change.

  • Emotional Well-being: Coaching isn't just about your professional life. It offers emotional and stress relief, providing a safe space for you to vent, reflect, and find balance.

  • Self-Improvement: Coaching is like a gym for your self-reflection and self-responsibility muscles. It's designed to empower you, making you independent of your coach, so you can confidently tackle challenges on your own.



of the world's employees are engaged at work.


of employees say they experience high levels of stress.


of employees are actively or passively job seeking.


of employees wish to see changes in company culture, pay & wellbeing.

Employers surveyed said that 44% of the core skills needed for work will change in the next 5 years. AI and LEADERSHIP are top skills of the future.

We know you haven't become a manager to find yourself in exhaustion & frustration day in day out.

We also know, there is always a SOLUTION, and it is NEVER too late.


Miriam is a Change Angle and Performance Coach. Miriam combines inner work and personality development with scientific down-to-earthness. With a variety of intuitive tools, she can be your fast track guide to a powerful leader role within your life and business.

Markus is a Transformation and Leadership coach. He is an expert in leading high-performance teams and combines the power of human centricity, technology, strategy and processes.


In our business-focused approach, we prioritize your growth and effectiveness:

  • Unlock Your Potential: We believe in the power of continuous improvement. That's why we don't offer single coaching sessions. Instead, we've designed a comprehensive program aimed at enhancing your self-reflection skills and driving tangible results.

  • The Power of Consistency: Improvement takes time and commitment. That's why our coaching program consists of a minimum of 5 consecutive sessions. This structured approach ensures that you have the opportunity to dive deep and truly make lasting changes.

Don't settle for incremental progress; choose our coaching program to unlock your full potential and achieve lasting success in your business endeavors.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Do you find yourself constantly pressed for time? You're in a position where leadership, decision-making, and delivery are non-stop demands, right now!

Harvard Business Review presents compelling statistics that highlight how reflection can elevate your leadership abilities. We're here to assist you in finding balance, enhancing your life's quality, all while ensuring you continue to deliver and perform at your best:

  • From vision to actions

  • Being an authentic leader

  • Beyond the horizon, back to earth and back to the cosmos.

Our executive leadership coaching is tailored to suit your unique needs and hectic schedule as an executive. It entails a 30-minute coaching session every two weeks, coupled with a quick 15-minute self-reflection routine every morning. It's all about fitting development seamlessly into your daily routine.

This package contains 6 sessions of 30 minutes online call & two weekly check-ups via email or messenger.

Authentic Lead Development for Newbies

Did you know that a staggering 60% of new managers stumble within their first 24 months on the job, as per CEB Global research? The primary culprits behind these struggles are often a misplaced focus and the absence of essential people leadership skills.

But here's the exciting part: our Authentic Lead Development package is designed to empower you to buck this trend. We'll help you kickstart your management journey with a strong foundation, focusing on self-reflection and enhancing your management skills during those crucial early months

This package contains 6 sessions of 45 minutes online call & a weekly check-in via email or messenger.

All packages can also be designed as workshops for your team or as workshops for your entire management team. Please contact us via email, for your individual offer.

It's all within your reach

What's included in Authentic Lead Development?

  • 6 online coaching sessions 45 or 30 minutes each

  • tailored coaching package to suit your goals

  • weekly check-ins via messenger for consistent progress

  • Price: €1500 incl. VAT

It's a strategic investment in your professional journey. Once you make your booking, we take charge of the rest. We'll reach out to you to ensure the perfect package and session timeslot, customizing your experience to fit your needs seamlessly.

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Undecided if this is your next step?

It's about trust and relationship. Book your personal call today. A 30 minutes online session. Together we will find out whether our offering will bring advantages for your business and private life.


If I am the captain of my life ship, then Miriam was and is the indispensable pilot for me. She has always helped me to steer past many shallows on my way through dangerous waters. When I got disoriented, she showed me ways to get back on the right course and stay on it. She never took the helm, but rather showed me how I can steer my ship myself. Thanks!


Miriam and Markus have a special gift for providing orientation and guidance in an empathetic and encouraging way. In dealing with our children, we receive enormously valuable and everyday learning in every coaching session. Above all, we are grateful that you two have helped us with your clarity and sensitive manner to organize our mountain of disordered ideas and dreams for the future of our family life and finally to take action bit by bit. With you, change is a joy, and you are a great encouragement to us!

Amelie & Samuel

Whenever Markus and I meet for a coaching session, this time is pure inspiration and gives me noticeable courage to work on myself and for personal growth. In my inner dealings with myself, I can become more loving bit by bit and accept setbacks and mistakes increasingly positively and gratefully. Each coaching is highly individual and follows my current needs and everyday challenges, which Markus always recognises very empathetically.

Samuel Menger

Father of four and
entrepreneur in the healthcare sector

Miriam radiates a friendly openness that makes it easy to exchange ideas with her. She listens effortlessly and impartially, holds the space and makes offers. Feeling grounded and at the same time transparent and constructive. Thank you for accompanying us!


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