Everybody is a Leader Workshop

In this 90 minutes mind opening and integrated workshop, a Turtle Transformation Coach is introducing you to methods to take the ownership and leadership of your own life. This is an integrated workshop which takes body, mind and soul into account. It is aligning consciousness with the unconsciousness.

Everyone is deciding about your life except of you? - it is time to take the ownership back

This is a life-changing opportunity for you when currently …

  • every day at work feels stressful

  • you feel high pressure at work to deliver results

  • you are looking for more flexibility throughout your day

  • you have a desire for a hobby in your life which is not getting enough time nor attention

  • you have tried to reduce stress through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, but it hasn’t really helped

  • work takes 80% of your life and there is not enough time for family and friends

  • you feel you are lacking attention towards your kids and guilt has become a common feeling

As you dive into this transformative journey, you'll discover a deeper understanding of your body, mind, and emotions. This newfound awareness will infuse your life with fresh energy and a stronger connection to yourself.

Picture the clarity that will open your mind to new horizons, not only about yourself, but also about what it means to be human. You'll gain valuable tools like the power of micro-goals, enabling you to take charge of your daily life and make tangible progress.

And finally, you'll master techniques to effortlessly shift your perspective, providing you with a valuable skill for navigating life's twists and turns.


Miriam is a Change Angle and Performance Coach. Miriam combines inner work and personality development with scientific down-to-earthness. With a variety of intuitive tools, she can be your fast track guide to a powerful leader role within your life and business.

Markus is a Transformation and Leadership coach. He is an expert in leading high-performance teams and combines the power of human centricity, technology, strategy and processes.

It's all within your reach

What's included in Everybody is a Leader?

  • 90 minutes workshop (in English or German)

  • Workbook which you can use afterward to train your new routines.

  • Please bring or prepare a Yoga mat, comfortable clothes, notebook, bottle of water

  • Price: €30 inkl. VAT

If this workshop resonates with your energy, please send a short email to [email protected] and we will send you the next workshop dates.

"At the end of the workshop, you are the captain of your life ship and have taken control of the sailing direction."


When I joined the "Everybody is a leader" course, I was experiencing severe neck pain and tension. Miriam promptly identified the root issue and provided personalized attention.

Miriam's remarkable ability to connect my neck pain to negative thoughts and address it holistically was truly exceptional. She didn't just treat the physical discomfort but also delved into emotional and psychological aspects for lasting relief. Her expertise and insight were crucial to my overall well-being and empowerment. I'm deeply grateful for her holistic approach to leadership and personal development, making the program incredibly valuable.


The workshop "Everybody is a leader" was really great. Through a guided meditation in a familiar and truthful environment, you will also be guided through various exercises to set the sails of the ship of life yourself and to steer the ship yourself with full clarity. It doesn't depend on a specific area of ​​life where you want to be a good leader, as you can transfer these exercises and methods to many areas of life, but it's more about having clarity and responsibility for yourself and your life and making decisions consciously to meet both in business, in the family and alone in his life.


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