Female Empowerment Conference 2023

We sincerely appreciate your presence at the Female Empowerment Conference 2023. Your participation made it an exceptional event, and we trust you found it both enjoyable and enlightening. As you continue your journey towards personal and professional growth, rest assured that there are boundless opportunities to further expand your skillset and explore new horizons.

At the conference, Miriam took you on a 90 minutes mind opening and integrated journey. She introduced you to methods to take the ownership and leadership of your own life. "Everybody is a Leader" is an integrated workshop which takes body, mind and soul into account. It is aligning consciousness with the unconsciousness.

At Turtle Transformation, we understand that true (self-) leadership is an evolving journey. If you are interested to extend your journey, book your call, and together we shape your (self-) leadership journey.

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