Know your why & Fly

80% mindset and 20% action

Success is 80% mindset and 20% action. Join our 3 or 7 day long retreats to strengthen your WHY and bring ACTION to your body with kite surfing or hiking Ireland's highest mountain.

Supported by professional coaches, yoga and healthy food, you will get the best space to reflect and grow.

Know Your Why & Hike 2024

This program incorporates finding your personal WHY and start to embody it while at the same time using hiking the magnificent nature in Ireland to unearth hidden barriers and deepen the connection between yourself and your WHY.

Know Your Why & Fly 2025

This is an exciting program designed to help you unearth your core purpose ("WHY"), break through limiting beliefs, and embody your authentic self. It combines powerful self-exploration techniques with exhilarating outdoor activities of kite surfing.

- more coming soon -

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