TT Distilled Annual Program

Welcome to our 12-month, high-impact program that places you squarely in the driver's seat of your life and business. This uniquely efficient program demands only a small, consistent time commitment, while providing the flexibility to dive deep whenever you choose.

Experience a transformational journey meticulously crafted to equip you with the tools to seize control of both your personal and professional life. Take charge, unlock your potential, and drive lasting change in your life and business.

This year-long training program ...

  • Gives you more clarity - especially about stuff that you kind of know but can’t grab consciously.

  • Reduces stress by actively work with fear related scenarios about the near future.

  • Gives you a more pleasant attitude towards life and business.

  • Gives you a group of people training together.

  • Gives you a tool kit for everyday challenges, as well as a stable base for more difficult moments and phases (in life and business).

  • Offers the opportunity to radically change your life and business.

This course is tailored for individuals who value achieving the life they desire, even with limited time available. Embrace genuine self-awareness as a cornerstone of personal growth. Are committed to daily training, dedicating just 5 to 30 minutes each day. Hold themselves accountable, taking full responsibility for their life and business. Aspire to be effective leaders or managers and are seeking an accelerator to propel their journey forward.

Join us and supercharge your path to personal and professional success

The way of the turtle

  • See what is

  • Ask yourself Why

  • Move your Body

  • Mind and Heart

  • Slow but smart

  • Endurance and stability

  • Wisdom

  • Fast learners

At Turtle Transformation, we firmly believe that within each of us lies the potential to uncover solutions for all our challenges. To guide our clients on this path, we, as dedicated practitioners of Turtle Transformation "from the Inside to the Outside" process, support you to establish your daily training to forge deeper connections within yourselves and with the world around you. This training is not just a practice; it's a way of life, and you will find immense fulfillment in it. Like any training program, you will encounter both challenging days and exhilarating ones, but after each session, you will emerge feeling revitalized.

Our toolkit comprises a diverse range of techniques drawn from various methodologies. We recognize that every individual is unique, and so, we employ a tailored approach for each client. You may find some of these methods familiar, while others, such as Life Trust Coaching, Unbeatable Mind, Internal Family Systems, The Keys to the Heart Method, and Energy Medicine Yoga, could be new to you.

We firmly believe that living an authentic life from within is an ongoing, lifelong voyage, and we are dedicated to continuing our growth alongside our clients.


What our client Thorsten is saying about the program:

“… she guided me through all this with loving kindness, attention, a room of safety and trust. It was easy for me to go deep, and everything was already inside of me. She has a wonderful way of getting this outside of you …”

Hear it from Ali:

“… I felt lost, I tried therapy, it didn’t help. … I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I feel like I can focus on what is important in life now. … Miriam reacts to everybody, and it’s not a one fits all program …”

Hear it from Jenny:

“… Miriam manages to introduce you to these big core topics so carefully and in many small steps that you are always suddenly surprised to realize that you have just made a big step forward, ....

... this annual program not only provides instructions for reflection and questioning, but above all also contains many practical techniques and exercises that can be easily incorporated into everyday life and always provide small impulses for transformation. ...”

In Jennys Worten:

“… Miriam schafft es, einen so behutsam und in vielen kleinen Schritten an diese großen Kernthemen heranzuführen, dass man immer wieder plötzlich überrascht feststellt, dass man gerade ein großes Stück weitergekommen ist, ....

... gibt es in diesem Jahresprogramm nicht nur Anleitung zur Reflexion und Fragestellung, sondern vor allem auch viele praktische Techniken und Übungen, die sich leicht in den Alltag einbauen lassen und immer wieder kleine Transformationsimpulse liefern. ...”

Join our free TT Distilled Webinar

Are you eager to unlock the full potential of our exclusive TT Distilled annual program? Join us for an engaging and insightful 30-minute webinar that will take you on a journey through the intricacies, methodologies, and comprehensive details of the TT Distilled annual program. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how our program can transform your business.


What's included?

  • 12 monthly topic impulses with in-depth practical part (90 min online & recorded)

  • 6 joint online training sessions in the group (30 min online)

  • Personal "Win in your Mind" Introduction coaching (30 min online)

  • Access to Whats App group with all the materials (mediations, worksheets, videos)

  • One joint training weekend

    • in Germany, tbd 2025: Hotel Seinz ( or Hofgut am Dobl (

    • in Ireland, tbd 2025: Slieve Aughty (

NEXT TEAM: Starting in Juli 2024 & November 2024

Program Language: ENGLISH

Online Meetings will be held on Wednesday evening.

More dates to be sent out!


Miriam Schmidberger

Miriam is a Change Angle and Performance Coach. Miriam combines inner work and personality development with scientific down-to-earthness. With a variety of intuitive tools, she can be your fast track guide to a powerful leader role within your life and business.


In which language is the TT Distilled annual program conducted?

The TT Distilled annual program is offered in English. If there are enough participants asking for a German group, we are opening up a German group as well.

What is the definition of a "team" in the context of the TT Distilled annual program?

The term "team" in the TT Distilled annual program refers to the collective of individuals participating in the program. It embodies the collaborative spirit and mutual support among participants. While it is not obligatory to divulge personal experiences and emotions within the group, participants are encouraged to share as they see fit.

What is the protocol in case of a missed meeting?

In the event that you are unable to attend a meeting, we kindly request that you notify the team beforehand. Our objective is to accommodate meeting schedules that are convenient for all participants.

Additionally, we offer meeting recordings for those who have missed a session or wish to revisit it. Furthermore, each monthly session includes all material necessary to work through the topic on your own.

I have reservations about sharing my personal experiences and beliefs within a group setting. Is it mandatory to share personal information?

No, there is no obligation to divulge your personal stories, beliefs, or emotions within the group. Rest assured that we maintain strict confidentiality within the group to protect your privacy. We view the group as a "team" dedicated to collaboration and mutual support. While sharing personal experiences is not mandatory, you are encouraged to do so at your discretion.

If you have concerns or would like to explore alternatives, we invite you to schedule a personal call with us. We also offer personal leadership coaching as an alternative solution, which may align better with your preferences.

Are the travel cost for the in-person weekend included?

No. Each participant must organize his own travel and pay his own travel expenses.

In the TT Distilled annual program price, all costs for hotel and meals for the training weekend, and all topic session & training sessions outlined above are included.

Do I get money back if I have to leave the program before the end?

No. Commitment is an essential part of change and transformation.

However, we acknowledge that there are instances that necessitate a complete change in direction. Therefore, we still strongly advise you to engage in a discussion with us.

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