Greator Festival 2024

Miriam Live on Stage


Miriam, Tony Robbins, Dieter Lange, and other world-renowned speakers live on stage in Cologne, Germany.

Europe's largest festival of personal growth brings together 10,000 like-minded individuals on their journeys to personal breakthroughs.

  • "Know your Why and Fly"

    Miriam reveals a powerful life changer: a strong WHY. She shares 3 keys: embrace growth, uncover limiting patterns, and find your core purpose. This clarity can guide you to a more fulfilling and powerful life.

  • presented by Miriam Schmidberger - read more

    Miriam is certified as a Keynote Speaker and Adaptability (AQAI) coach and finishing up her certification as Heroic and Unbeatable Mind coach helping leaders to develop their full potential.

  • June 22nd, 4 pm (Block 4)

  • on Green Stage

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